Created: 06/11/2022

Pixpuzz - pixel puzzle game

Game made in my spare to time to learn, practice and have fun with Godot Engine and C#. It's a simple puzzle game, where you have to reach the portal by moving blocks around.

Tools used

  • C#
  • Godot Engine v3.5
  • Aseprite (for pixel art)

Description & details

Game was made with Godot and C#, and published on It's a simple puzzle game I used as an opportunity to dive into Godot Engine and design some puzzles. Every sprite was created in Aseprite.

Game is partially inspired by puzzles from games such as 'Portal 2', 'The Witness' and 'Baba Is You'.

It was really fun working on the project, especially when I got the hang of how Godot works with C#. Using inheritance and interfaces to create reusable scripts was surprisingly effective and fun for a game. For example, to illustrate a principle, I had the following code in my top level class Level.cs (following code is simplified by a notch):

using Godot;
using System;

public class Level : Node2D

    public override void _Ready()
        // Setup the level, by connecting signals from corresponding buttons and doors,
        // connecting audio manager and etc.


    public virtual void OnLevelReady() { }

This use for inheritance was pretty neat, since I could create as many levels as I wanted, and each level could have its own logic, but still use the same base class with core functionality that makes the game work, and to customize it I just needed to override OnLevelReady method. I also used the same base class for other things, such as buttons, doors, etc.

Screenshot from my game

Solved problems

  • Use OOP principles to create reusable scripts for the game nodes
  • Create a simple level editor along with tool scripts to make level design a breeze
  • Use Godot's built-in systems to manage audio, scene transitions and etc.

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