Welcome to my personal website

Hi, I'm Aleksa (pronounced as /ahlEHk-sah/ ... )
a software engineering student based in Serbia. I like to build things, solve problems and dabble in various technologies. I'm huge believer in OSS and values it stands for, and my work is mostly related to web development, but I also like to explore different fields like system design, mobile development, AI/ML and DevOps. In my free time I like to read books, play games and hang out with my friends.

If you would like to reach out to me professionally for freelance work or a job, you can do so via following links:


  • Middle school Computer Science related diploma
  • Working towards a BSc degree in Software Engineering at the University of Belgrade
  • I've been working as an independent freelancer for the last few years (although not in succession)
  • Contributing to and maintaining open source projects (most notably nuxt-xstate)

My skill set

  • Programming languages
    • JavaScript (ES6+) & TypeScript
    • Python
    • C & C#
  • Front-end development
    • HTML & CSS
    • SCSS, SASS & TailwindCSS
    • React, Vue & Nuxt
  • Back-end development
    • Node.js, Express & NestJS
    • Rest & GraphQL APIs
    • PostgreSQL & MongoDB

Other interesting things about me

  • I use linux for all my needs
  • Fan of horror movies and games (My fav movie is 'Hellraiser')

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