Created: 01/09/2022

Personal website

The very website you're on! I've made it to showcase my projects and skills, and to have my very own corner of the internet.

Technologies used

  • Vue 3
  • VueUse
  • Nuxt 3 with @nuxt/content and @nuxtjs/tailwindcss

Description & details

Screenshot of my personal website

Website is created with Vue 3 and Nuxt 3 for SSR, deployed on the edge. It was made from Content-Wind project template, but was heavily modified to suit my needs.

Website uses Nuxt content module with document driven mode, utilizing markdown files for generating pages, instead of usual Vue files.

Everything was styled and customized using TailwindCSS, including typography generated from MD with @tailwindcss/typography plugin. Exceptions are minor details and utilities that were added to make the website look better, which are written in SCSS.

Solved problems

  • Integrating git based CMS (which in this case were MD files) with nuxt to create content-driven pages
  • Making interactive pages in markdown files with Vue component
  • Using @nuxt/content with document-driven (DD) mode
  • Creating simple, sleek and content-driven website

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